Thursday, 20 January 2011

Zebra Print,Pinkness & Sparkles

Heya chicas,today I have tried to do something a little more challenging. For the past few months Ive played safe with my makeup and always done looks Im confident with and that I have a little practice in! Well today I thought I would add that little bit more to it! I had a brainstorm and put together something completely different with a little bit of color and sparkle added to it!

*DRUMROLL* I present my zebra print,pinkness and sparkles :D Aha this is what Ive called this look. Its the latest addition to my makeup portfolio {as part of my application to university}

For the eyes I used a white eyeshadow from FACEFIX, I then went on to completing the stripes with a black liquid eyeliner by Collection 2000. After I done the zebra stripes I thought hmm black and whites boring maybe a splash of color so I added a little pink line near the tear duct and a longer line at the corner of the eye! The eyelashes are Eyelure Girls Aloud-Nadine. Hmm *fun* For the lips I used a pink eyeliner and lipgloss by Barry M. I then went onto adding little gems with eyelash glue onto the lips giving it that little umph and adding abit of sparkle and glamour! And I had my newest look!

I absolutely love it and Im very pleased with myself.This is my second attempt at zebra print and this is definately an improvement to the first {check my blog}

Heres the completed look.

kelly pink and zebra

What do you think chicas?



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  1. This is so different and artistic!