Thursday, 20 January 2011

Leopard Print Lips

Heya chicas,so I was browsing youtube looking for something to add to my portfolio. Something a little funky and different. And I came across a video tutorial for pink leopard print lips. I straight away knew I HAD to try this look on myself. I love,love,love leopard print and think it makes such a great makeup design!

The leopard print lip design was very easy to achieve and was all done using affordable makeup! I completed in literally 5 minutes. I used a pink lipliner by Barry M to get the solid pink color and mixed it with a little Barry M lipgloss {not too much because your lips become to slippery and the eyeliner wont go on!} I then used my own initiative for the spots! The spots dont need to be perfect,remember every leopard has different spots. I done the spots using a black liquid eyeliner by Collection 2000. And hey presto I had me some pink leopard print lips!

I absolutely love this look and I am pleased to be able to add it to my work!

Remember Im NOT a professional,Im 19 and wont be starting my uni course until next year!

Here is the completed look.

leopard print lips

Leave all feedback below chicas,Id love to hear what you think!