Wednesday, 8 December 2010

 Heya Chicas
Today I am going to do a post on my TOP 5 CELEBRITIES.
I thought this would be something interesting and a little different to the things I usually post about so here goes. When your younger I think you totally go through different celebrity fazes. Example: I used to LOVE Katie Price. Now Im not at all to keen,don't get me wrong I do like her BUT I grew out of her if that makes sense?

As we grow older we realise the difference between those who are TRUE celebrity icons & idols and those who are just a bad example!
So here goes.

At numero uno we have the beautiful CHERYL COLE
Cheryl Cole for many young girls has become one of the most loved and admired women within the last year. She has gained more recognition and girls simply adore her for her naturally enhanced beauty, her down to earthness and truthful ways. I have to say if you would have asked me a year ago I would have told you she was 'over-rated' but then I went on to personally meet her at her book signing in Piccadilly Circus,London. And wow I ate every single one of those words. I am an honest critic and I can tell every girl who thinks there's something wrong with this women that there is NOTHING wrong with her. She is flawless from her skin to her hair to her smile. P.s she is NOT anorexic she is petite {small & slim} SERIOUSLY.
Anybody else a Cheryl Cole fan?

 At number two is MEGAN FOX
Megan Fox again for many girls is a celeb icon. She is god dayum HOT.
Megan Fox is more sexy,fierce & hot. She is definately no 'girl next door'
I love her strong defined eyebrows, blue eyes and full lips.
Anybody else a Megan Fox fan?

 At number three is ADRIANA LIMA.
Adriana Lima would be recognised easily by most people as one of the Victoria Secret models.
I don't think alot of young girls know about Adriana Lima but for me she is my favourite MODEL.
I think shes sassy and portrays her brazilian heritage very well in all of her photoshoots.
I love her colored eyes and full lips. I also think she is the perfect example of a slim perfect body.
Anybody else a Adriana Lima fan? 

At number four is KIM KARDASH.
Now who doesnt LOVE Kim Kardash?!
Im sure 90% of you chicas watch and adore keeping up with the kardashians right?
Well if you do then I definantly know you are a fan of Kimi.
I think Kimi is most known for her flumptious curves & full booty.
For many of you this is what a REAL women should look like.
Anybody else a Kim Kardash fan?

At number five,last but certainly not least is ANGELINA JOLIE.
Angelina Jolie is an actress who is married to Brad as many of you know.
She definantly reminds me of an older more natural version of Megan Fox.
They definantly have similar features and I love Angelina Jolie for her beautiful eyes,full lips and naturalness.
Anybody else a Angelina Jolie fan?
top 5 celebs


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  2. I love all these girls! Megan fox is gorgeous!