Thursday, 9 December 2010

Heya Chicas
 As many of you know its nearly CHRISTMAS,but for me there is something more important which Im looking forward to...the day after xmas!
Because boxing day only means one thing!
Forget all of the ham and pease pudding Im talking

I am super-uber-mega excited
Everything goes down to 50% or less which means MEGA bargains.
I put together a little in-sight of 5 MAIN things I hope to be getting my hands on this boxing day for half the price maybe even less then they usually are.

1-Short Classic Chestnut Ugg-I LOVE UGGS♥ Best boots ever invented,the classic ones are my favourite,the short ones.

2-Cream Cardigan Ugg-As I mentioned above I LOVE UGGS♥ I havent bought a cardigan pair yet so Im hoping to grab a cream pair as cream is one my favourite colors.

3-Barbie Paul Boutique Bag-I havent EVER bought myself a PB bag so I think Ill be treating myself to one of these in the sales. And the fact that its Barbie tempts me even more.

4-Abercrombie & Fitch Fur Jumper-I already have a couple of AF jumpers but I love the ones with fur inside so I have to have one! Again cream is one of my favourite colors.

5-Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers-I have seen LOADS of chicas buying these and I keep meaning to buy some!

Who else is going sale shopping? What are the main things your hoping to grab?

5 must buys


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