Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vaseline isnt recognised as a good beauty product very much. I mean you won't exactly find it in glossy beauty magazines. Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is mostly known for use on chapped lips or around your nose when its sore! But I discovered Vaseline has many other benefits for the skin. Vaseline makes an excellent scrub when mixed with sea salt and really leaves your skin feeling touchably soft & smooth. Also I recently took to covering my face with vaseline before bedtimes and I noticed when I wake up in the morning I look really refreshed and my skin looks like glowing and healthy whilst also making it really soft! Vaseline also acts as a primer which you can use before applying eyeshadows and it really helps to make the eyeshadow appear more vibrant. Another thing I use Vaseline for ALL the time is when im dying my hair and eyebrows! And it works wonders it acts as a barrier protecting your skin from the dye so that it doesnt stain. Love it♥

Vaseline is also great for tidying up those messy eyebrows and making those stubbly eyelashes thicker and longer over time.

Now my last and favourite trick for Vaseline is this one!
Alot of people didnt know I use Vaseline on my teeth before pictures or like videos and stuff. The reason for this is because Vaseline tastes GROSS! So it reminds me to smile and I dont want to shut my mouth so if your wondering why Im kinda smily in my tutorials now you know! Also Vaseline helps to temporarily fill in gaps in your teeth. Sounds far-fetched doesnt it? But seriously it actually works. I only use this method before pictures of course on one of my teeth which has this annoying gap at the side!Grr you apply it in layers and it gradually builds up until the gap is completely covered but WARNING it tastes vile!

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  1. wow that Vaseline is binged out !!!! did you do that !!!

  2. aha i know! i love it,i love blinged out stuff! no i wish :[ found it on the internet

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