Monday, 9 August 2010

Im a goal orientated person so I decided to set myself a goal of 50 subscribers on Youtube before I upload my first video BUT in the meantime I thought hmm let me upload a teaser. So I put together a little video of some of my work so you can get a real idea of what my channels going to be about etc. Im here to make a change to the beauty world Im very diverse so you will see lots of new and exciting things from me. Im not afraid to try anything! I promise to deliver and will answer every message sent, answer all questions asked and complete all video requests! (unless they are rude or inappropriate of course) so get subbing I will return the favour if requested leave your comments and let me know what you think. 

And chicas dont forget to hit me up with an requests that you have! Leave all feedback and comments below. I want to hear every iddy biddy tiny thing you bloggers have to say! 



  1. your so pretty!!!!! new follower! :)

    fenkyou chica,ill follow you back
    also if you have twitter add me @ellzmelendezldn

    fenkyou bebe