Friday, 12 August 2011

Hello Chicas,

Here's a quick post to say


I have been away for A LONG time due to personal reasons,laziness etc etc but I am back and Im staying! Over the next few days-week my blog is going to be undergoing some transformations! 

Im going to be doing lots of new blog posts aswell as taking requests from people about what I should blog about etc so if you have any ideas comment below!

I also have some exciting news for you ladies who LOVE,LOVE,LOVE makeup!

I am now an official stockist of MAC makeup products!

I stock and sell MAC makeup products for up to 50% off the original retail prices :)

You will be able to purchase my stock from the page that says BLOG SHOP
(More information on there)

I am also going to be doing giveaways once a month <-UPDATES FOR THAT WILL COME SOON

It feels GREAT to be back and I hope to hear from you all


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