Friday, 7 January 2011

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick

Heya Chicas.This is a MAC Cremesheen Lipstick review.As many of you know MAC is a popular make-up brand and like myself many of you girls LOVE IT.

I recently purchased some MAC products and this was one of my purchases. I hadnt tried it prior to buying it but I fell in love with the color. Recently I have a thing for natural makeup colors and this nude lipstick is a perfect example of a natural color!

The MAC Cremesheen Lipstick is priced at £13.99IMG00239-20110107-1422

The color of this lipstick is called ‘Creme D’Nude’


As you can see from the picture above its so naturel it almost blends in with my skin tone!


Its a very creamy sheek lipstick and smells absolutely LUSH,it smells like vanilla and instead of applying it I want to eat it! For any girl who is looking for a nude lip color I would recommend it! I will definitely be purchasing this again once it has finished





  1. YOU'RE BACK!! <3

    Loving this colour on you :) I love it when lipsticks smell nice! xx

  2. Im back,Im back!
    Got so much to update about! You can tell Ive neglected my blog man! Me and you were like at the same level now you have a million blogupdates and 300 followers!

    Thanks baby smells so loveeeeeely! Nom xx

  3. gorgeous lips! I luv the last foto..

  4. thanks chicas! <3
    love this lipstick its so lush

  5. pretty color luv it, luv ur tatt btw! ive been wanting to get one on my wrist also


  6. That's a shade that will definitely get props! I like your tattoo! I have a wrist tattoo that says "destiny" among others. lol.

    Happy New Year!

  7. thanks girls!
    i want to get another tattoo this year!
    love girly tattoos x x

    happy new year all