Friday, 7 January 2011

OPI Nail Varnish

Heya Chicas,

I recently heard about a nail varnish called OPI. I know I am probably very late about hearing about this but hey Im a make-up girl I dont really take much notice of nail varnishes! I was on Twitter browsing and Cher Lloyd uploaded a picture of her pink nails stating the nail varnish make as OPI then going on to say it was the BEST nail varnish. So you can guess what I done next right? GOOGLE!

I done my research on the products and come to notice that it was a popular nail varnish amongst celebs. I thought hmm Im going to order some but I actually never got around to doing so!

Sooo,I was due for my infill and I noticed on the shelves a row of OPI nail varnishes. I almost fell out of my chair! Aaaaaaah, the most perfect red just caught my eye. It was absolutely amazing and Im not a red kinda girl Im not to keen on the color! But this red was just amazeeeeeee! It wasnt a bus red it was more of a deep red.

So blogettes I thought I would share with you my first experience of OPI nail varnish.





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