Monday, 29 November 2010

So chicas it was my birthday on 20th November which was last week but seeing as I have only just got back onto my blog Im doing my haul over a week later!
Happy birthday to me lalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa
Ahh I have to say this was one of my BEST birthdays EVER!

I have the sweetest boyfriend ever who got me the beautifulest birthday card with the most thoughtful words & presents I definantly was NOT expecting!

Okay because its winter lets start with something I think EVERY girl should have in her wardrobe!
Im on my way to getting these in every color as these are one of my favourite footwears

My boyfriend bought me a beautiful pair for my birthday

I already had one pair in chestnut {short classic ones} and I swore by them.
They are very pricey but they are worth every penny!
My first pair lasted me for 5 years and theres nothing wrong with them the colors just faded a little.
I dont know about you but I cant stand it when girls where TWISTED Ugg boots! Eww its so disgusting
Ugg's do not twist at all even after 5 years their so hard wearing and comfy
Keeping your tootsies snug with the sheeps wool inside

I cant wait until the January sales when these beautiful babies go down Im going to grab another 2/3 pairs!

Next up he bought me a TOY WATCH

I think every girl needs a nice designer watch.
It's a must have & I havent ever had a designer watch so he bought me one for my birthday.
This particular one is white chrono fluo toy watch with the mother of pearl face.
And if you see how the face SHINES,any girl would love it.
It has tiny gems around the inside of the face also.

Its very chic & classy.

So a massive thank you to my bebe for my presents on my birthday
Loved them more than anything 
Felt very spoilt
But so I should be Im a princess


  1. Happy belated Birthday!
    You're boyfriend is SO sweet for getting those for you!

  2. Happy belated birthday!!
    That's the toy watch I want.. LOL
    Your boyfriend is soooo adorable for getting you these!! xxx

  3. Thank you ladies!!
    I know love him <3 xxx

  4. And Sriya get it! Its so niceeeee xx

  5. you got a toy watch? o-m-g. Mega jealous! :)
    Glad you had a good day. Those uggs will keep you COSY xx

  6. indeed i did,very lucky girl!
    i LOVE uggs <3
    best shoes ever xx