Thursday, 16 September 2010

I think it's about time I posted a new blog showing you one of my make-up ideas. My latest one is called 'Midnight Mist' which I created on my boyfriend's 12 year old sister.  

This picture displays a blue matte pigment, a light grey shimmery pigment & a white shimmery pigment blended together to re-create the look of a midnight mist.I also used a glittery silver eyeliner along the lash line. I chose these three color's because I felt they complimented eachother well. The pigments I have used are by FACEFIX. 

The products I used are in-expensive to buy. For more info message me and if you have any requests you'd like to see let me know! Don't forget to share your comments and opinions.

And chicas dont forget to hit me up with an requests that you have! Leave all feedback and comments below. I want to hear every iddy biddy tiny thing you bloggers have to say! 


  1. Wow, gorgeous! Love the colors. I love blue pigments. Can you give me more info on them? I would love to check out their website! Love the way you blended the colors.

  2. love the way you blend these colors looks great !!

    fenkyou darl! really appreciate the comment

    fenkyou sweetie,i wasnt too sure at first whether I should use a blue pigment but it went with her outfit so I thought hey why not? FACEFIX is a makeup which is issued to students who are studying makeup and beauty therapy