Monday, 9 August 2010

I decided to post my first make-up picture which I have just done on my baby sister who is 10 years old.
Ive called this picture 'PURPLE HAZE' because it is a purple pigment and a silvery/white pigment blended together almost like a purple mist. I love love love the way these colors have worked together and feel they really compliment eachother well. The pictures have been posted so all you dolls can see a iddy biddy peak of my work before I start making tutorials and videos! Comment and let me know what you think! 

And chicas dont forget to hit me up with an requests that you have! Leave all feedback and comments below. I want to hear every iddy biddy tiny thing you bloggers have to say! 


  1. this looks so beautiful! can't wait for upcoming tutuorials :) xoxo

  2. very cool its very shimmery nice blending very cool

  3. @peachykeen thank you i cant wait to start them
    but i need 50 subs on youtube before i start them
    i thought id set myself a target so if your on youtube subscribe muah elleMelendezLDN <33

  4. @curves ahead makeup thank you darl! means alot im an aspiring make-up artist i LOVE make-up I really want to come to the states!

  5. Love the look! I loooove purple sparkly eyeshadows. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following...I followed back and will sub to your youtube as well...i didnt know you needed 50 subscribers before being able to post tutorials on youtube :( but thats ok, you'll get there soon!

  6. @Aranza thank you chica! your welcome and fenkyouu
    you dont need 50 subs but im goal-orientated i love working towards something so i set myself a goal! i cant wait to start uploading im mega excited i love love beauty,makeup and fashion

    ill sub you back
    muah elleMelendezLDN