Sunday, 8 August 2010

  Okay so we all LOVE to exfoliate our skin. It's a must, we have to get rid of those dead skin cells! Whether its before tanning or just in general we need that super soft silky skin. But what exfoliator to use?! Thats the question alot of dolls get stuck on.

There are so many different brands nowadays it's hard to pick which one to use. Sometimes your out of money and then your stuck with loads of dead skin cells. But dont worry I have the perfect exfoliator which you  will swear by once you try. Alot of people wrinkle there noses when I tell them I use OLIVE OIL,LEMON & SUGAR scrub but they LOVE my super soft skin. 

I came across this in my kitchen. YES my kitchen I was just about to apply fake tan and I always exfoliate prior to use but I had NO exfoliator left and this was at night so I couldnt go to the shops. I bustled around my kitchen and found this perfect combination. I added the lemon to the mixture to add a citrus smell to it (and lemon is also good for getting rid of skin impurities). I always apply when Im in the bath or shower and really work it in and then wash it off.

The olive oil is really good for mosturizing dry skin and adding shine. The sugar granules scrub and remove dead skin cells and the lemon helps to get rid of impurities in skin.

So how to make it:

1) Five tablespoons of olive oil into a small tub or bowl
2)Add 4 tablespoons of sugar and mix well
3)Add a teaspoon of lemon and mix again
4)Place a small amount in your hands and work over the area scrubbing in well
5)Rinse off with warm water and presto you have super soft exfoliated skin
This is just to make a small quantity of it. If you want to fill a tub like I did below then just use your own inititive to fill it with the olive oil and sugar. But REMEMBER always more olive oil than sugar and this time 4 tablespoons of lemon juice.

This scrub can be used all over the body and is an organic way to scrub yourself down for a small price!And your skin is going to feel SUPER soft. Leave comments and tell me if you've tried it or if your going to try it and what you think of it. Muahz ellzMelendezLDN

If you put in a tub like this you can make larger quantities and keep it preserved so that you dont have to keep making it over and over again! Use an old tub and ensure it has a lid. You can keep in a normal place like a shelf or cupboard just dont keep in a fridge as it will go hard and crystallize.

 Soak in a hot bubbly bath to really open them pores!

Using a teaspoon, spoon some of the exfoliator into your hands.

Work the exfoliator into your legs scrubbing well and then rinse off

And chicas dont forget to hit me up with an requests that you have! Leave all feedback and comments below. I want to hear every iddy biddy tiny thing you bloggers have to say! 


  1. very awesome going to try this tonight

    come by sometime

  2. @curves ahead makeup thanks darl! once you've tried it out let me know what you think. funny enough i just had a bath and scrubbed myself down with this and now im super soft ^_^

  3. first off hey doll!!

    and i luv your blog by the way! anywho i tried this once! lol but i didnt add the lemon i added strawberries but of course i used it up uber fast! lol im going to do this today though bcus here is my problem i have a tan that i got from not wearing sunblock an i got about 3 to 4shades darker! lol but its been about 5months an i still have the tan its probably like 1 or 2 shades darker but i want it to come off already!! lol what can i do???

    xoxo leslie aka babycakes

  4. hey hunny
    so sorry for the late reply!

    thank you sweets. mm the strawberry idea sounds lush! well you need loads of sugar,olive oil,lemon and an exfoliating glove! a very hot bath and scrubbbbbbbbbb xx