Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heya Chicas,

Today I decided to take a trip to the 99p Store and see what beauty products they had to offer. I came out with 'Beauty Formulas-Tired eyes gel patches for puffiness & dark circles' I decided to purchase these because I have such late nights and my eyes have started to pay the price 0.0

You get 3 treatments which totals to 6 eye patches. I tried them as soon as I got home and was actually very shocked. As soon as I placed them underneath my eyes I noticed how cool they were. They felt as though they had been put into a fridge over-night! They have a really soothing effect on the area under your eyes. I would advise you to leave them on for a minimum of 30 mins and no longer than 12 hours. 

Seriously chicas! Try these out a real bargain @ just 99p!
I will keep you updated on results

And chicas dont forget to hit me up with an requests that you have! Leave all feedback and comments below. I want to hear every iddy biddy tiny thing you bloggers have to say!


  1. I love a good bargain! Need to get my hands on these! You have really nice eyes by the way! :) x

  2. I'm going to try those! =)
    Thanks xo T